Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ikea Organization

A lot of hex keys went into this project
And here it is, a thing of great beauty!  There are two new Expedit units in this new, updated, better than ever version of my crafting space.  The 4x2 on the left with all the baskets is brand new as well as the 2x2 that has my blue photo box on top of it.  The chair is fresh as well.  Before I was working at just the desk and the tall bookshelf on a rickety old second hand dining room chair.  It was not awesome.  There were also two rainbow rolly carts that were, while somewhat effective, mostly not effective and pretty darn ugly.  So, 4 hours in a car, 350 dollars (ugh), and a few blisters later -- here we are!  Lots of green boxes, 8 baskets (over $100 in baskets.  That almost makes me sick -- but I guess they'll last forever.  When I was getting my new iPhone a few days ago (I AM SPEWING MONEY RIGHT NOW SOMEONE PLUG ME UP) the lady I was dealing with told me that her grandfather told her "I'm too poor to be cheap".  I know that as someone who just bought a ton of stuff from Ikea I should probably not be quoting that, but it struck a chord with me.  Just spend the money and get something that will last.  So that is the justification on the nice baskets.  They will last, or something), and a rail, some hooks and other rail stuff later, I am good with a place for everything and everything in its place.  Which I love, even if I am only good about that sort of thing 85% of the time.  And there is room to grow, which I should probably not do but probably will anyways.

I also would like to tell you about my sewing machine that you can see in one of the cubbies someday (because it is awesome and runs by using a GAME BOY!) but that day is not today.  But just you wait.  It is so. freaking. awesome.  A Game Boy, no joke!

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  1. Seriously an awesome story! I love your room. Can't wait to hear about some Gameboy sewing! I think it needs pictures of actual things sewn with it as well.