Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BPC: Design Challenge 3

I develop turtle neck when I take self portraits :(
I am cruising right along with this class and loving every minute!  I really thrive with a deadline and a set of rules -- something having everything available is just too overwhelming to be productive.  Or maybe it just puts me back into art school mode where it's do-or-die this is the assignment better not mess it up go! go! go!  This went together super fast because I am leaving for vacation today (YAY!) and didn't have a lot of time to putz around with frilly details.  Orange isn't a frilly color anyways.  It's bold, it's here and now it says hello and doesn't need you to dilly dally.

Also, the photos of me jumping in the bounce house crack me up.  I don't know if you've been in a bounce house lately, but it is REALLY tiring.  And they turn your legs into rubber.  I highly recommend them.  

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