Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Michaels Crop Night

No, that is not my husband.

Perfection is  overrated.
 I wrote awhile back about Micheal's Crop Night, and I went back last Friday for my second crop night and it was much more crowded but still pretty fun.  I got 5 layouts done in 6 hours and that is pretty darn productive.  I'm not much of a chatter and I happened to sit next to a chatty seventh grader who wanted to show me lots of photos of her dogs, so, in self preservation mode, I delved deep into that dark and creative place that tunes things out (while still being polite, of course) and got to work.  There is only so much of "This is my dog with hair, and here she is without hair and look, here she is wet!" (while, I would like to add, arguing with her sister across the table) that I can take.  And that amount is very little.  So I did answer all her questions (Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski.  I don't have cable so I don't really watch much TV.  I have a cat.  My husband is an engineer and yes he likes to work a lot.  I don't use glue sticks, I prefer a tape runner) and told her a little about Israel since I had my photos from my last trip with me but after the initial questioning got busy with my SERIOUS CONCENTRATION FACE and my scissors and got down to business.  SERIOUS BUSINESS.
And, as anyone familiar with SERIOUS BUSINESS knows, the first stop on the SERIOUS TRAIN is a page about smootching a camel.  This SERIOUS PAGE included:
  1. Glitter
  2. Twine
  3. Heart Paper
  4. Gemstones
  5. A paperclip
  6. A View-Master Reel
As you can tell,  the chatty seventh grader must have thought I was the height of maturity and sophistication with my sensible and mature design choices.  Look at those repeated circles creating a visual triangle!  Enjoy the texture telling a visual story with a feel of ephemera without actually including a lock of the camel's hair.  (I mean, what could you possibly include from kissing a camel?  I have no idea.) Also, GLITTER AND TAPE AND BAUBLES WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*!

*I did not say that out loud as I made this page, but I am certain I thought it and maybe even fist pumped once or twice when I got the placement just right.  Moral of this story:  Never go to a crop that I am at.  I am crazy.

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  1. I love the cross stitching! Looks awesome :-)