Friday, May 25, 2012

Being Different (Than Myself)

Gummy candy in open bins?  YES PLEASE!
Didn't I just post on Halva?  I guess I've been inspired by food a lot lately.  That is because, um, of lady hormones, I think.  We'll be back to posts that don't feature food next week.  This week, lets chow down on some scrapbooking that was actually pretty hard for me because it deviated out of my normal colorways that I enjoy and feel comfortable in.  I took these pretty serious colors but wanted to make them true to my style (which I would describe as Rainbow Bright meets Clarissa Darling of Clarissa Explains it All and they have a disco party and you're invited!).  So how do I take my natural desire for neon and wild patterns and hand drawing and tone it down without completely losing interest?  I made myself a little checklist:

  1. Pick a tamer version of a color you absolutely love (I picked this moss green variant of lime green)
  2. Keep some bold pattern, just use it judiciously.  
  3. Use the things you love, just make choices that fit within the color scheme.  (Thank you Tim Holtz washi tape!  And cute little "Sweet" doo-dad.  And not-quite matching but whatever, close enough glitter butterfly!) 
  4. Keep the calm feeling with ample amounts of negative space
  5. Add a little bit more interest with a graphic edge punch instead of adding more color
I think it worked out.  It was a struggle at times, but its fun to flip through my book and see a page that both doesn't look like my other pages, but still looks like I made it.  Don't you hate it when you're totally inspired by someones awesome page but then when you use their style it just doesn't feel like you anymore?   I feel like that all the time!  I think I struck a good balance this time, and doing something different makes me feel like I'm capable of designing on a larger scope than just what comes naturally to me.

How do you get out of your comfort zone?  Do you embrace the foreignness of creating something that doesn't look like you or do you add a little bit of yourself and your style into all of your layouts?  I would love to know!

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  1. I think it totally works! And it still looks like Laurie. After all these years, I'm honestly not sure I know what my style is. I guess I have one, though, because I often look at other ppl's LOs and say, "Oh, that's beautiful. But it's not 'me.'" Hm, something to ponder...