More scissors and love, less worry.
More fun, more experimenting, more play.
Less being what others want if that isn't who you are.
More hand drawing.
More writing by hand.


More using what you have.
More loving what you use.
More scraps from everyday life.
More loving every minute.
Less competition.
Less following the herd.
More being true to your own voice.
More dancing to the drum of your heart.

More color.
More life.


Less haters. Less stress.
Less believing there is a right way and a wrong way to
memory keep.

Your books are for you. Make them reflect your heart.

We are the timekeepers.
This is our place in time.
Be trendy. It'll go out of style, but it marks this place right now.
Be classic. Follow your heart. You'll always know who you are and were.

No one should tell you how or what to scrap.

It's all beautiful, filled with humanity and love. It's all art.