Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy NSD!

Hi!  I'm celebrating National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow by having a scrap-worthy mini vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  I'm a little bummed that I won't be around to crop with all the fun real-time-online-goodness, but I might be rolling down a giant hill in a ZORB instead, so I'm not that bummed.  :)

4x6 Photo Love, For Real.

So, since I'm off having an adventure, here is a page from my last mini vacation.  Andy and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC to celebrate my 29th Birthday (I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M ALMOST 30!) and we stopped at this seedy fireworks stand/gas station (how is that even legal?) to fill up the tank and stretch our legs on the way home.  The inside was this crazy ramshackle mess of knick knacks and explosives, and the bathroom was filled with graffiti.  I'm not really one to deface property, but it was my birthday and it was already covered with graffiti, so I added a little to it myself.  

I will do my best not to deface anything at Dollywood!

Happy Creating Everyone!

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