Monday, April 30, 2012

BPC: Design Challenge #2

My (c)ankles were swollen from the flight.  I do not have elephant ankles normally.
Design Challenge number 2 completed.  I learned:
  1.  Sam's Club prints 12x16 for, like, $3.50 -- and they had a free trial membership weekend last weekend so you didn't have to be a member to have prints made.
  2. The prints from Sam's club are matte and slightly rubbery to the touch, so they do not go smoothly through your sewing machine and you have to spit on them a little to keep them gliding under your sewing machine's foot. (I learned the spit trick from my days as a costume designer)
  3. My paper trimmer is all sorts of wonky and will not cut in straight line at a right angle
  4. RAD LAB is, in fact, totally rad and I see myself making a major purchase in the next month to buy it once my trial runs out
  5. I am totally digging using a big picture as the base of a page

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