Saturday, April 28, 2012

Project Life: April 16 - 22

Whoo-hoo!  Another week another spread!

Here we have my April 16 - 22nd left hand side.  My big adventure for the week was locating the sometimes elusive folk artist Ernest "The Chicken Man" Lee -- which I did accomplish.  6 Chicken Man originals for $120; Not too bad if I do say so myself.  I took a photo of his chicken-booth (hidden under the postcard Andy sent me from his work trip to North Carolina) and stashed his business cards he gave me in the smaller pocket above.  Tuesday's photo was taken by Andy in Dudley, NC -- Ram in the Bush Church, which makes me giggle just a little because it is dirty.  Yes, I know its from the bible, but still.  And its all psychedelic -- I wonder what kind of folks go to that church?  Maybe it's pretty exciting like a hippie revival all the time!

The second half of the week are scenes from home (How did Meow get under a lightpost? She's too crafty!) and around town.  Used more of Amy Tangerine Sketchbook paper and glitter ribbon -- what a great combo.

Sunday is a photo of me kissing a camel.  I have a full layout in mind for that photo, but it had to be documented in this week's spread too.

In between the 12x12 pages is a 8.5x11 insert of the program for my Synagogue's food festival.  I thought it was pretty neat, so I tucked it in the week's spread.  Today I printed up Monday - Friday of this week and put them in.  I'll post it next weekend once Saturday and Sunday get added!  I'm loving Project Life -- it's such a pleasure to flip back and remember all the little things that have happened so far during the course of the year.  Are you doing project life?  How is it coming along?

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