Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life : April 9 - 15

 Project Life is humming along.  This week was mostly Passover, so we have some pictures of lunch (Fruit, matzah and Palmetto cheese most days) along with the happy photos from the Texas Steak House on Sunday where Andy happily enjoys a beer and I get down with some hot, fluffy, not-matzah dinner rolls.  Oh, so hot and fluffy, they almost melted in your mouth.  And there is a photo of where the city dug up our front yard earlier in the week.  When they were done, though, it was like it never happened.  Eerie!

Ada also sent me a postcard from a service trip to Honduras, so that has a place of honor in this week's pages as well.

Not much adornment in this week's layout at all -- I was just too busy/lazy to mess with it.  I like the clean and simple look, though.  I changed my printing location from Walgreens (fast and friendly but on glossy paper) to Walmart (slow and a bit surly, but matte) and the matte photos make a huge difference.  I like the look a lot better.  The colors are just brighter and more vibrant than the weeks I had printed at Walgreens.  Which is a shame, because they're so nice at Walgreens; they know me by name there, and I doubt that'll ever happen at Wally World.  Oh, how we must suffer for our art.

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