Monday, July 29, 2013

Reasons Why

Grandmas love grand babies.
Oh man, back to the grind of work -- vacation is over and I'm missing the sound of the waves crashing against the shore already.  I can't wait to get my photos back, though, so I can start working through my summery scrap supplies on amazing vacation photos.

To get me through the first day back at work, let's get nostalgic about Orli's birth.  That was a crazy day.  Giving birth is nuts and I can't believe we've been doing it since the begining of time.  I had a scheduled C section and I was totally panicked and calm at the same time (she has to come out.  OHMIGAWD SHE HAS TO COME OUT OF ME!)  the day was magical and horrifying all at the same time.  Totally surreal.

Anyway, this is a page about Grandma meeting Orli for the first time after she was born.  A lot of my pages from this timeframe are pretty jacked up because I was a little sleep deprived and in pain as I was making them, but this one is less jacked up than most.  I do need to buy a grey zig pen, though -- the hand drawn outline would have looked much more cohesive in grey.  You live, you learn, eh?

There is a lot of Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic, some Simple Stories Vintage Bliss, and even a MME title on this page.  I love it when a lot of stuff just all comes together and makes you feel like it just goes.

This is a companion page to a layout about Grandpa meeting Orli for the first time -- I'll share that one with you soon.  I also have some exciting news that's hush hush for now, but stay tuned because I can't wait to share it with y'all.

It's good to be back home, now, though.  I have two Citrus Twist Kits waiting for me at home (I got a June even though they were sold out through begging and Trina's kindness!  Score!) that I am dying to start cutting into.  My hands are trembling, for real.

What are you dying to cut into lately?  What are your CHA faves?  I'll be posting about mine soon!

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