Monday, July 8, 2013

Current Obsession

I am LOVING these Star Paper Clips! I admit it, I'm a paper clip addict.  It's so fun just to clip on a little  bit and have it jazz up a page.  And the mint green -- swoon!  I ordered the aqua freckled fawn arrow clips a while back and I can't get over them.  I just did a group buy on the Scrap N Yap board of shaped paper clips which I am stalking my mailbox for.  Scooter shaped paper clips, dolphin shaped, strawberries -- I am SO PUMPED, people.

I will say, though, the nice thing about the lawn fawn clips is that they are really meaty.  Much thicker than your normal, run of the mill clip, so they stand out nicely on a layout.  I have some shaped clips I got when my local Office Depot was going out of business, and they aren't anywhere as hearty as the arrows I ordred have.  So yeah, these are totally mine when my cart fills up enough to get free shipping.   So that's it, that's what I'm obsessing over right now.

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