Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project Life Sunday

Week 10/11

This year's Project Life is Orli's baby album.  I did attempt to do two PLs, one Orli and one general life, but really Orli is pretty much life in it's entirety right now so Orli's book is all I'm doing now.  It feels lighter and easier that way.  I am working in one week spreads that overlap a bit since she was born on a Thursday, so we have week 10/11, 11/12, 12/13 etc corresponding with her age.  The weeks end sometime over the weekend, I'm not really particular about when.  Life is an ebb and flow, why shouldn't Project Life be, too?

This week I included a 6x12 insert to tell the story about getting pooed on (in the face).  It's a glamorous tale of motherhood that I'm sure to look back on one day and say, "Ah, what wonderful days those were, especially the ones that involved face-poo!"

These pages are pretty unadorned, as I was still in the early weeks and had just started back to work (Yes, I am actually on schedule with Orli's book, which mean's I'm currently on week 19 -- but I'm going to share weekly starting here on week 11) but I like their picture heavy look.  It's fun to look back on these pages, even though they were only two months ago.  Life has already changed so much.

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  1. LOVE the new site design! I'm so impressed that you're "keeping up." I love that you thought to capture the detail of her clothes - great idea!