Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome Precious Baby of Mine

Colors are a little off in this photo -- damn you rush jobs!
Yeah, yeah, more Dear Lizzy Neapolitan.  I'm totally like a day late and a dollar short with that line, but holy mother of pretty paper, I'm into it hard core.  And it seems like I have a never ending supply, so hot dog let's use it until all that's left are the papercuts of me frantically trying to find more scraps in the bottom of my scrap bin.

Anyway, this is a layout for Orli's baby book and not my 2013 book, which is why we have a repeated photo from my Warhol inspired page.  Not that repeated photographs would bother me...

I used some pieces of a very twee sort of baby sticker set I got when AC Moore was going out of business in my neighborhood (sigh) and I think I took away some of the preciousness of them while making them fit my layout.  Add a tag, a stamp, some stamping, a little twine -- wow, I used a lot of stuff on this considering that I scrap in frantic five minute increments right now.  I'm impressing myself -- oh, I think maybe I did this one when my mother in law was in town helping watch Orli.  Well, there goes that pride.  (And yes, I post about layouts in no particular order).  

Anyone scrapped anything good lately?  Anything you're proud of?  Me, I'm just proud of quasi-keeping up with my baby's first year book.

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  1. These Dear Lizzy papers are awesome! I'm completely with you on repeat photos - I have repeats in Project Life and my Library of Memories (sometimes multiple times), and I'm totally OK with that. Sometimes one photo can tell several different stories, right? I was going strong at the beginning of May with LOAD. I did a few more LOs toward the end of the month that one day I'll get around to posting, but I only totaled 12. Still, it's 12 more than I would have otherwise had, so I consider it a success. I have a lot of mini-books and projects in progress that I really need to finish one of these days, but I've been spending most of my free time purging things from the apartment and reading. Not that those are bad uses of time. Uh, ok, this comment is turning into a blog post... see what happens when you ask questions. ;) Let me know when you can meet for Mexican - I miss our lunch dates! Have a great weekend. xo