Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Being Born

When not enforcing naps, my lovely husband took over many baby duties, allowing me some blocks of time to sit down and play.

It was challenging, though, because these are such epic, important photos that I didn't want to jack them up with too much playing in the layout, or too trendy a paper -- I wanted something clean, timeless, but still fun and still "me".  So I pulled out some absolutely beautiful but understated paper from Webster's Pages Color & Composition line and went to town.  Add in some date stamping, Thickers, a flag I found on clearance at Target, and some glitter ribbon -- and I think it's sassy enough to be a "Laurie" page but classic enough that it will age pretty well in the book as years go by and I won't be horribly embarrassed when I look at it.  (And don't tell me you don't have older pages that you're embarrassed by in your books!  Somethings don't stand the test of time.  CIRCLE CUT PHOTOS I'M LOOKING AT YOU.)

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  1. I'm LOL because I have a LO that is ENTIRELY made of circle cut photos that I absolutely loathe looking at now. I think you struck a great balance between "Laurie" and "classic."