Monday, May 27, 2013

Beautiful Little Lady

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm pretty much in love with this layout.  Yeah, the addition of the journaling card sorta ruins the triangle of focus, but I'm just going to consider it a square of attention that surrounds the photo of my sweet little bird.  I've used more Dear Lizzy Neapolitan (I'll run out soon, I swear, and move to something different!) and a super cute title card from My Mind's Eye.  And a weird sequined daisy thing from the ultra clearance rack at Michaels (I got a whole slew of weird sequined things for 10 cents a piece, so you just wait, it's going to be a sequin-thing-palooza up in here shortly!)

Sequin thing: awesome or super awesome?
I'm a little in love with the title cut out thing, too.  I got a few on a whim and I've got about half of them used already (oh yeah, be on the look out for those soon, too).  Going to add that to my to-buy list, and maybe save some cash on Thickers, hahahah.  Just kidding, THICKERS FOREVER!!!11!!!eleventyeleven!!  But I do like the cards -- it's different for me.

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  1. That picture is precious! And sequin thing? Super awesome. Duh. ;)