Friday, May 17, 2013

Mega Baby!

Biggest baby in the Mother/Baby wing, no joke.
Baby girl was majority bloated after her birth, and i loved all the photos of her fat little face.  We called her the "Mega Baby" in the hospital because she dwarfed all the other newborns, so this was an ode to my little giant.  I used Dear Lizzy Neapolitan (which you will see me using a lot of)  and again kept it really simple out of necessity.  The colors are a little funky in this photo -- sorry about that.  Mommy's opportunities to take photos of layouts are fast and fleeting.  Love those little wooden buttons; picked those up in the Valentine's section of Michaels and think they're an American Crafts rebranding.  Super cute - I wish I had gotten two packs, because I'm actually close to running out.  I guess I'll just have to find something else to love!  Darn, I guess that means shopping.

Happy weekend, everyone!  Hope you're having nice Spring weather!

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  1. That is a riot! What a great "little detail" to capture for her to know when she's older.