Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Smallest Things

I've been playing a lot with Glitz' Finnley (which is available at the Whimsical Twist shop!) collection lately and wanted to share a few of the layouts I've made -- you'll be seeing more over the next week or two.  I'm loving the painterly quality of the papers.  That red background paper is lovely.  I like the Glitz papers a lot because they are a true matte finish -- not any shine on them at all.  I think it makes the colors seem more intense that way.  

I think my favorite part of this layout (besides the photo, of course!) is the hand written "love" on the right side.  It works really well with the hand drawn borders on the paper scrap strips that back the photo.  I like the drawn borders, too.  Before I drew them in the layout just didn't seem to have a focal point -- the borders really draw the attention to that area of the page.  I kept the embellishments really simple with this page to let the photo and the beautiful patterns and textures on the papers really speak for themselves. 

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