Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Favorites: Things I use pretty much all the time

1.  Martha Stewart Roller Ball Glue Pen -- this thing is great.  It's perfect for getting layers down just enough so you can sew through them without them shifting around and is light enough so it won't gum up your machine's needle.  I use it to adhere all my sequins and as a secondary glue for all my chipboard Thickers.  Cannot live without it.  I usually keep a spare in waiting.

2.  3M Foam Tape -- perfect for adding a little height to your layouts without making them super bulky.  This sits a little higher than pop dots, which I like.  And a roll lasts about a month for me, which is pretty long considering how much I use it.  (I get mine at Target for much cheaper than this Amazon link).

3. Le Plume II Pens -- I use them to ink the edges of papers, to draw by hand on my layouts, for journaling and to ink up stamps.  I love a tool that has lots of uses.  They have a nice saturated color and don't tend to pick up other inks on the page too badly.

4. Le Pen pens  -- by far my favorite journaling pen.  They just write so nicely!  And come in lots of colors, but not so many that it complicates things finding the one shade that is the perfect match to your paper.  I like choices, but not so many I bog myself down.

5.  C-Thru plastic centering ruler -- Really, this is my number one pick.  I LOVE THIS THING.  It has little slits and guide lines so you can trace out light lines to write your  layout jounaling on straight.  It has dots so you can mark out points if you want to do a stitched border.  It centers and it's light weight but sturdy.  I flip out if I misplace it under a stack of paper as I work.  Two thumbs up, would buy again.

Those are my use-them-all-the-time tools that I want to share the love of this week!  I wish all of you a happy weekend and I'll be back on Monday with a new layout featuring more of the September Citrus Twist Main and PL kits!

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  1. Thank you for the tip about using the glue pen as a secondary adhesive on Thickers. I just pulled out an old album this weekend and was dismayed to find many of my Thickers lifting up. :(