Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shrimp Night: Sketch Fusion

For this page, I did something that I don't do often -- I used a sketch. I've heard people rave about Alison Davis' sketches so I bought the Simple Stories Sketch Fusion book to give it a try. I had a whole pile of Simple Stories I Heart Summer to use up (I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot on this blog) and a whole lot of photos from vacation, so Alison's picture heavy style seemed to suit my needs. My first attempt came out like this:

It's interesting.  Not really my instinctive style, but not unpleasant.  I won't say its one of my favorite pages ever, but it certainly serves its purpose of telling the story and showcasing lots of photos.

7 photos on one page.  That might be a record for me.  Although I did NOT enjoy all the resizing of photos.  I'm a 4x6 print and go sorta girl. 

I would also like to point out that I do not normally eat shrimp.  One time a year only -- and it's so I'm not left out at Andy's families big shrimp event.  Shalom Bayit, y'all.  Also, that shiz is delish.

Right now I'm not sold, but I have two more sets of photos resized and ready to go for two different sketches from the same book.  I do admit that it's good for vacation where you want to cram a lot of images in a small space.  I'll probably use the sketches for that again.  It won't become my normal mode of scrapping though.  I missed the creating.  It just felt too paint by number for me to use with any regularity.  

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