Wednesday, September 11, 2013

OMG I made a card, yall.

I have never made a card in my life before today.   I am applying for a design team that would pretty much be my DREAM if I got in, (because they have lots of colors!  Man I love colors!) and they want two cards.  I'll admit it; I don't know jack about card making.  I'm sure there are some techniques that people use and know and are very uptight about, but I just messed around until I found something that I thought was pretty groovy.  Which, I guess, turns out to be a great big "Dream Big" card.

The butterflies are punched from a sheet of paper I covered with washi tape strips (a by-product of my first, failed card) and I used a MAMBI card from their pocket card series as the sentiment.  I liked how the colors are bursting from the black box -- it's like the dream is flying free with the butterflies.  YES PEOPLE, THAT BAKERS TWINE IS REPRESENTATIVE OF HOPES AND DREAMS.  (That is in all caps and italics because it gave me a PTSD art school flash back.  There was this one time, I kid you not, that this one kid pulled out a giant knife in figure drawing studio, slammed it into a desk and just stood there.  Which, you know, at the school I went to could have been A+ work for concept studio.  So I think everyone just ignored it.  But back to the card...)

I think in an ideal world I would have figured out how to glitter it somehow, but I needed to do it fast to get it in on time, so here it is.  It's not so bad for a first attempt.

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