Friday, October 10, 2014

Kite Festival

I've been plugging away at the 6x6 paper class when I get a chance, and here is what I did with the sixth sketch in the class.  I found working with a strip of horizontal photos really challenging -- it is very much not my usual MO when it comes to how I put things together.  I kept adding washi to echo the line of the photos, and eventually it came together for me.  I'm not sure it's one of the better pages I've made, but it was a great learning experience with working through it's issues.  

I did use some cloud washi that I got with a kit that I had never used, so that was exciting for me.  Add in some hand drawing on the kite I cut with my silhouette as a cute and personal detail and it adds those little finishing touches that really make a layout feel complete to me.  I love to draw on my layouts.   I guess it seems like it puts a little bit of laurie onto the page.  Pretty paper is good, but the essence of me is what I really aim to capture.  This is my life and this is what I draw; my pages are an extension of me.  Forgive me, I got philosophical just now -- it's been a long day with lots of laundry.  :)

Much love to everyone out there in cyberspace.  Hope the chill of fall is warming your hearts!

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