Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Orli Devorah

Well, my computer is still in the shop, but I have found that I uploaded a few pages that I totally forgot about!  I tend to do two types of pages: artsy-fartsy make it artistic pages and functional pages.  Functional pages are still pretty, but really quite sparse comparatively.  Lots of photos, less "visual emotion".  I just made that term up.  "Visual Emotion" -- I kinda like that.  So today I have a functional page to share that I made using mostly Simple Stories Vintage Bliss (which I LOVE btw).

This is from Orli's naming ceremony.  A naming ceremony is sorta (very sorta) like a Christening or baptism, but Jewish.  Basically, everyone gets together and welcomes our lovely little girl to the Jewish people.  It was amazingly touching.

No photos during the ceremony, though, so here we are outside of the Synagogue afterwards (but before Shabbat, of course!)

I made the tallit that we wrapped her in during the ceremony, and these are some fabric scraps left over from the trim of the attarah that I wanted to save because they were pretty and because I'm a pretty sentimental mommy.

(Man, I love that notebook edge punch.  I get so much use out of that thing it's crazy.)

But yes, this is a very simple page that is more about showing photos than creating an artistic moodscape. (Hey, there is another word I just made up that I think I like.  I'm on a roll!)  I think it's good to have both sort of pages.

I hope my computer is repaired soon, I have so many more recent layouts to share!  

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