Saturday, January 5, 2013

OLW 2013: Enjoy!

2013 has snuck up on me (OMG, am I really having a baby NEXT MONTH?  ACK!) so there are lots of new projects to tackle and it's a a good thing that the slate is clean, because I did not keep up as well as I could have (note I did not say should have -- there is no should in hobbies) in 2012.  2012's Project Life's weekly recaps pretty much ended when I found out I was pregnant (and the horrible exhaustion kicked in), and 2012's OLW didn't really get far at all in regards to projects, even if the word did stick with me and have an impact on my life.

2012 was REMEMBER -- and I did.  I took more photos, wrote in my journal more, worked on Project Life until I really couldn't handle it and just needed to sleep, and really worked on documenting life, not just big events or occasions.

2013 is the year of ENJOY -- with all the big changes that will be happening in my life, I want to remember to enjoy it all.  This time is fleeting, and while it can be overwhelming, I want to focus on taking it all in and really appreciating the small moments.  Also, what could be better in labor than a mantra of "enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!", right?  Right.


So yesterday I put together my title page of my OLW album (you will note that it is in 2012 style -- I decided just to use the prompts from 2012 which I already paid for but didn't really use rather than pony up cash for 2013 and have 2012 go to waste.  I'll catch up in 2014, I'm sure.  Hah.) Of course, there will not be a OLW 2013 album, as everything will just get put in one or two WRMK faux leather albums for 2013, because I am not really into having lots of different albums for different projects.

Aqua : The color of 2013

I typed on the cards instead of writing by hand, just to try something different.  I'm not loving it, but done is done and I'm for real not re-doing them.  Experimentation is good.  Next time: I'll write by hand.  It just fits my style better.

Tomorrow holds assembling week one of PL, and a giant order of prints from Snapfish should be here Tuesday to get Baby Squid's Project Life Baby Book going.  I'll keep busy this week.  Plus I need to clean my scrap space.  It's been moved to the FROG (that's South Carolinian for Finished Room Over Garage), has lost some surface area, and gets a little chaotic.  Nothing 20 minutes can't solve, though.

Hope you all have nice crafty weekends!

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