Friday, January 4, 2013

Upcoming Scrappy Releases: The Laurie Must Have List

I'm totally enjoying all the wonderful sneak peeks of the upcoming CHA releases.  Here are my must haves so far (ie. what I want -- we'll see what I actually order once I see the cost of my entire "must have" list).  I think I'm not going to buy a Project Life Kit this year; instead I'll just piece together lots of cards from different collections because I GET SO EXCITED ABOUT LITTLE 3x4 CARDS THAT I CAN CUT UP OUT OF 12x12 PAPER!  Stupidly excited.  Also, none of the "official" PL kits this year are striking me.  I am using the Baby Girl kit for the Squid's baby album which I do like a lot -- I'm into orange/pink this year.

From the sneak peeks so far I have learned:


Webster's Pages: Sweet Notes.  OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Webster's Pages: Composition & Color.   YES MUST HAVE IT ALL.

Webster's Pages tends to often feel too "frou-frou" for me, but I'm totally digging these two collections.  I might buy both collection packs because I'm into them so much.  Usually I just piece things together, but these both just seem great from top to bottom.

Photo Freedom: Today's Story

And hello, PL Kit fill-in.  I love the 6x12 cards too, because I love to jam as many different sized page protectors as I can into my yearly album.  For real.  4x6 protectors, 8x8, 6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12 (of course) -- the more sizes I can get into my binder the more pleased I am.  I think its more fun to look at when things peek out and there are different pages sizes to flip through and everything isn't matchy-matchy.

In other news, I'm actually a little bummed with Echo Park's previews, because I am generally a big Echo Park Fan.  But I'm not into cream backgrounds.  Give me bright whites, people.  I don't need any faux aging.

That being said, I do not mind the Creaminess of Simple Stories Vintage Bliss so much.  This might go in my PL Stash.

Simple Stories Vintage Bliss -- totally in my color wheelhouse, even with the cream.

Looking forward to seeing Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy -- they always have things I'm pretty much super into.

I'm going to try to get back into blogging.  Incubating Baby Squid got me off track (and HELLO I WAS EXHAUSTED) but I'm feeling better and will soon (omg, next month) have lots of baby photos to scrap.  Okay, so no promises about updating more.  But I want to!

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  1. LOVE that Composition & Color collection! Yeah, instead of buying a kit this year (though I do really like the Seafoam one) I have collected a bunch of random cards and such that I love. I'm not one who needs a book that is entirely matchy-matchy, the PL rebel that I am haha. So happy to see you blogging again!